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Center for Theoretical Chemistry

Recommendations for the Theoretical Chemistry Study Plan in the Framework of the Bachelor's and Master's Degree Courses in Chemistry

Preliminary Remarks:

It must be stressed that the knowledge acquired in the theoretical lectures is essential for successful completion of all practical classes. Furthermore, the focal point lectures of the Master's degree course are a continuation of the subject matter covered in the Bachelor's degree course. Therefore, we recommend students to visit the courses in the order specified below.


Bachelor Studiengang Chemie (only available in German):

  1. Semester
  2. Semester
  3. Semester


Master's Degree Course Chemistry (only available in English):

  1. Semester
  2. Semester
  3. Semester
  4. Semester
    • Focal Point Lecture*
      [Lecture, optional: 2+1 SWS, 5 CP]
    • Master Thesis
      [maximum of six months, 30 CP]

 * Note: these lectures may change and are part of the body of focal point lectures offered by Theoretical Chemistry (examples are Theoretical Spectroscopy, Response Theory in Quantum Chemistry, Computational Chemistry I and II, Numerical Methods in Theoretical Chemistry). Highly recommended are the following IMOS elective lectures: Concepts of Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics as well as Numerical Methods and Scientific Computing. Alternatively, appropriate lectures from theoretical physics and numerical mathematics or engineering may be read instead. An up-to-date list of the relevant lectures can only be found in the valid course catalogue.

 ** Note: The in-depth practical course is composed of three modules (chosen from the fields of Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy, Molecular Structure, Quantum Dynamics, Classical Simulations and Molecular Modelling). One module of half a semester is provided during the 1st master semester and two further modules of half a semester each in the 2nd semester.



The many practical classes, in which the theoretical methods discussed in the lectures are then put into practice are typical for the nature of the teaching methods of Theoretical Bio/Chemistry in Bochum. For this purpose, a modern virtual laboratory, our “Theoretikum”, is available and equipped with many powerful desktop computers and the latest software.

It is possible, by prior arrangement, to visit a member of our staff for a few days and “look over their shoulder” to get a better idea of the research done on a daily basis in the Center for Theoretical Chemistry. In addition to these offers, we are able to arrange work experience during the semester break for more advanced students in the chemical industry or supercomputing centers.